galerie photo montmartre

An authentic gallery, in the heart of Montmartre

The Galerie des Couleurs offers photographs of Paris, taken by Parisian photographers, themselves advisers on site.

Its founder and director, Gaël Lesage, specialized in graphic arts and photographer, decided to realize one of his dreams by creating a place bringing together some of his greatest loves: photography and Paris.

The gallery opened its doors in September 2022 and presents works that reflect the gaze those photographers have on the City of Light , its streets and its monuments. They represent known and less known places, while offering a typical and authentic charm on each shot.

Located at 7 rue Drevet, just below the Place du Tertre and not far from the Sacré-Coeur, the Galerie des Couleurs is a unique and artistic place, located in a privileged area.

The atmosphere is warm and bright, while remaining sober and calm, and allows you to fully enjoy the works presented.


Gaël Lesage

Gaël, founder and director of the gallery, benefits from more than 30 years of expertise in the visual arts. After many experiences in advertising, communication and graphic design, in 2006 he created La Compagnie des Couleurs, a company specializing in image editing, color compliance and file preparation for printing.

He is now in charge of the printing of the photographs, taken on site, of the advice and of the commercial management of the place.

His photographs are sincere and endowed with a unique atmosphere, where the light blends perfectly with the place, at the time. His architect’s eye composes visuals of perfect balance, which reveal Paris, the real one.


Dominique Dugay

Dominique, known as Dom, a long-time friend of Gäel, had many years of experience in television, or rather behind it. He was a cameraman for Club Dorothée, a famous youth program of the 90s, then for Va Savoir, an educational program hosted by Gérard Klein. With a calm temperament, and after having spent more than 15 years in the animated image, he decides to leave everything and refocus on a field closer to his temperament: photography.

One thing leading to another, and a close neighbor of the gallery, he quite naturally found his photographs exhibited, and now advise customers. His photographs, just as sincere as Gaël’s, freeze particular and unprecedented moments and details, encountered during his pleasant morning and twilight wanderings. They are the witness of his sensitivity and the expression of his thoughts.